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Paint Service Company

Dubai Paint Service Company

The main approach is to define us as paint service company in Dubai. As a complete and expert of painting service we share this readable article for our customers.

Definitely there are several paint service companies in Dubai and sharjah. If i conduct a survey my self i will find various companies offering paint service in Dubai. Thus there is a difference in everyone. Some of the companies are having their brand name and some are working like freelance. Most of companies are using low cast of paints. Therefore Dubai paint only use JOTUN paints for most of our customers. We only change the brand on customer request. Although the satisfaction never comes with higher brands using on the wall paint. The painter should be good who is applying paint to the walls.

Slider 2 Expert paint service

The experts of paint

Being an expert of paint service company. We usually apply paint with the following practice.

  1. Using clear sheets to protect floor getting spots of paint.
  2. New brushes are smooth so we do not use old brushes for our new projects. This helps us to finish the paint on wall with smooth surface.
  3. Mixing kerosine oil in less quantity to maintain the thickness of paint and real color.
  4. Using stool for higher surface. It is vice to use stool because on ladder the painter may fall if gets unbalance.
  5. Applying paint from one corner to the end corner.

Quote for Paint Service

Usually customers contact us for the quote to give them knowledge. In our quote of painting. We define each and every aspects of painting. Like use of brand paint. Quantity of paint require for each wall. Using other spares like cotton and oil. The service and labor charges apparently.

This is why customer always recommends other to get painting services from Dubai Paint Company.


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